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L.o.S. is the acronym for the German phrase Loslassen ohne Stress, which translates roughly as Let go of Stress. This acronym relates to the German word Los, which can mean fate or destiny when used as a noun and Let’s get started! when used as an imperative. Furthermore, as a prefix for verbs or as a suffix for adjectives, it communicates a sense of being free of something.

The company’s name clearly states its mission. I encourage people to “get started” and help them begin to reduce their stress. In my courses and seminars, I teach participants relaxation methods and resilience techniques that lead to more tranquility and balance in everyday life, as well as better physical, emotional, and mental health. I combine well-researched methods such as progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training with mindfulness techniques. Furthermore, I use my experience with archery to illustrate key points about stress from a fresh perspective.

I offer individual courses, group courses, and seminars addressing relaxation, resilience, and stress prevention for individuals, companies, fitness centers, and other entities. These products are also available as online courses.

During courses offered by L.o.S., participants learn not only different relaxation methods that help them let go of stress but also valuable information about stress and its causes, as well as important changes they can make to manage stress. This approach enables participants to structure and live their very own form of stress prevention while taking and after completing courses from L.o.S.

I look forward to hearing from you. L.o.S. geht’s - let’s go! Together, we can let go of stress.

Let go of stress, and enjoy more tranquility in everyday life

All the suffering, stress, and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Founder of modern mindfulness practice/MBSR method

The pages on this website provide additional information about my methods and offerings. They also address stress, resilience, and relaxation in general.

What is Stress,
and why is
Relaxation Important?

Stress is typically characterized as negative and certainly can have negative consequences. However, that is only half the story: stress has played a critical role in human development and, when managed properly, continues to play a useful role in our lives. This site explains the causes and effects of stress and relaxation and the reasons why many people find it difficult to relax.

Once you learn to relax, you can enjoy the smaller things in life.


Progressive muscle relaxation was developed by Edmund Jacobson, and it is among the best-researched relaxation methods. It is easy to learn, and because feedback mechanisms in the body automatically induce relaxation, it is quite literally impossible to not relax when practicing progressive muscle relaxation. That is one reason why, in the German-speaking world, this method is referred to as “the mother of all relaxation methods.” You can learn more about it here.

Autogenic Training

Autosuggestion is used to induce self-hypnosis during autogenic training. Like progressive muscle relaxation, this method has been thoroughly researched, and it is impossible to not relax when practicing autogenic training. This method’s relaxing effects occur automatically due to feedback mechanisms in the body. This page will tell you more about this feedback mechanism and other interesting facts about autogenic training.

Take a rest;
a field that has rested
gives a beautiful crop.

Roman poet


At L.o.S., mindfulness exercises help participants perceive signals from their bodies and improve their concentration. Highly developed body perception skills and strong concentration abilities are beneficial generally, not only when people want to relax. Short meditation sessions, simple origami projects, and body scans help participants cultivate mindfulness.

People who practice mindfulness also find more beauty in the world.

Resilience Training

Resilience plays an important role in managing stress and crises. Training this important skill, which is a crucial part of stress prevention, can make a positive contribution to your overall quality of life. Resilience training can even strengthen your immune system, for instance.

Do you want to learn more about resilience and how you can strengthen it?

Courses and

I offer individual sessions, group courses, and seminars about relaxation methods and stress prevention for companies, hotels, schools, and events. Please feel free to browse through the options I have put together, or contact me to design a custom program.

About L.o.S.

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