About L.o.S.

This page explains why I founded L.o.S. and what I hope to achieve as a relaxation and resilience trainer. When I begin new projects, I will also explain them at the bottom of this page in addition to posting them on LinkedIn. That means you can always return to this page to learn more about current developments at L.o.S.

Claire Wenngren and her bow, Kazy.

Why L.o.S.?

Why does a sworn translator and interpreter resolve to begin teaching courses and seminars about relaxation and resilience?

The deadlines, considerable workloads, and high expectations that are common in the language services industry are a perfect recipe for long-term stress. This combination of factors can have serious consequences on physical and mental health if professionals or employers do nothing to counteract it. Unfortunately, the language services industry is not an aberration: in our performance-oriented society, the recipe for permanent stress I mentioned above is the rule, not the exception.

In other words: Our work-life balance clearly isn’t working. Performance-driven cultures condition us to function, but since we humans are much more than the sum of our accomplishments, we cannot lead fulfilling lives if we only function.

I believe that knowing more about stress, its effects on the body and mind, and how to prevent stress can help people find and enjoy a better work-life balance.

Everybody needs to find their own personal balance; there can be no question about that. My role in this process is helping people discover and learn new strategies they can use to find and maintain this balance.